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by Fulcrum IT Partners

Created to provide verticalized IT solutions to deliver successful business outcomes.
TITANIUM is a portfolio of flexible, cloud-delivered solutions, that enable mid-market businesses to achieve successful business outcomes.
Built from best-of-breed technologies to deliver high-performance IT solutions to Healthcare, Public Sector / SLED, Retail, Manufacturing and the Financial Services, without compromise.

Delivered through Fulcrum IT Partner's Group companies.

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Budget constraints, lack of skills and resources within mid-market businesses are at an all time high. With an ever-evolving cyber landscape and increasing demand on internal IT teams, how do mid-market businesses compete with larger organizations with wider capabilities when the fundamentals are holding them back?

TITANIUM recognizes these business complexities and through our partners, provides a portfolio of accessible IT solutions that overcomes these challenges. Serving mid-market businesses in five key verticals, TITANIUM has curated the best-of-breed technologies that are focused on outcomes and create secure, resilient and high performing IT environments.

Designed for current and future business demands.

CORE Outcome-based solutions

Cyber Resilience

Cutting-edge Cyber as a Service model with comprehensive, vendor agnostic cyber warranty and insurance.

Connected Devices

Enabling 5G adoption through partnerships and utilize a differentiated SD-WAN and Firewall architecture that bolsters security while reducing costs.

Accelerated Outcomes

Creating outcome-driven software platforms and applications powered by data and AI.

Hybrid Cloud

Comprehensive suite of tailored solutions, engineered to reduce costs when transitioning to hybrid cloud adoption.


Delivering Global as a Service and introducing value-added services to enhance the consumption-based XaaS experience.