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Networking & Security

Securely connect your business, from edge to cloud, with maximum performance.
Today’s workplace demands an innovative approach to networking and security. Traditional corporate networks are failing to meet the needs of a cloud-driven world, and lack the capabilities required to effectively address the performance and cybersecurity challenges posed by the rise of hybrid work, IoT devices, and digital transformation.

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Introducing TITANIUM

TITANIUM is a portfolio of flexible, cloud-delivered security and networking services that enable businesses to extend data protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere. By converging high-performance SD-WAN and Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) security into a single managed service, TITANIUM removes the complexity of managing multiple point products,  while delivering the highest levels of application performance and protection from cyber threats. TITANIUM is purposely designed to evolve to future-proof and protect investments as customers embrace a digital-first journey and hybrid work.

Unleash your network's operational efficiency and achieve optimal application performance

TITIANIUM SD-WAN ensures the highest level of application availability and performance over any WAN transport. Dynamic prioritsation for critical applications provides a superior quality of user experience at any scale.

End-to-end security across your organisation protecting all assets, users & data
Enhance work-from-anywhere with consistent network and security policies for your hybrid workforce.
Transform at scale

TITANIUM provides powerful analytics and insights, giving IT teams the visibility and control they need to quickly identify and address any network issues. Easily adjust to changing needs while maintaining optimal security and performance.

Core Components

Built from best-of-breed technologies to deliver high-performance connectivity and security without compromise.


TITANIUM SD-WAN offers secure, cost-effective network connectivity and application access for all users and branch offices. It simplifies the complexity of managing multiple networks and boosts performance with advanced features like auto-scaling, dynamic routing, and traffic optimisation.


TITANIUM Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) combines multiple security functions into one comprehensive solution, enabling you to enforce compliance, prevent downtime, enhance visibility, and mitigate the risk of data compromise across your network.


A centralised management console provides end-to-end visibility and control across your entire network, allowing network administrators to orchestrate and automate security and network policies.


From discovery and design, to delivery and support, TITANIUM is managed every step of the way. A highly skilled team of technical engineers and support staff are on hand 24/7 365 to relieve you of the stress and complexity of network management.

Designed for current and future business demands.




Unify SD-WAN, firewall security, WAN optimisation, and network visibility into a single platform to streamline your IT, reduce complexity and boost efficiency.



Protect your business from cyber threats. Maintain a strong and consistent security posture across all users, devices and applications connecting to your network, from any location.



Gain speed and efficiency, security, and trust. Deliver business-boosting experiences with consistent network and application availability and performance.



Scale and adapt operations with ease. Enable secure, seamless connections that empower your employees and move your organisation forward faster.

Secure by design

Unlike traditional SD-WAN architecture, TITANIUM is secure by design. All connections pass through a centralised Next-Generation Firewall that detects and mitigates threats to your network, eliminating the need for specialised hardware and licences for individual sites.

The TITANIUM portfolio of cloud-delivered networking and security solutions is available through approved specialised Managed Service Providers.

The official partner for TITANUM within the UK is TIEVA, a leading provider of transformative business technology products, services, and support, that simplify IT and create more powerful ways to work.

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